Jackets playoff fever is spreading

In between when I left Canada and when I moved to Columbus, I spent about a year and a half back in Cincinnati. This was in 2002-04. You almost never saw anyone in Cincinnati wearing a shirt or hat or anything with a CBJ logo on it (still don’t), so I’d always get a little frisson of excitement when I did see one. The first few months I lived here, I’d sometimes forget I didn’t live in Cincinnati and would see someone in a Jackets shirt and think “There’s one!” and then “Another one!” and “Another one! OMG! I can’t believe this — wait, I’m at Nationwide Arena.”

Okay, anyway, it’s been similarly kind of exciting the past few days spotting the various signs of support for the Jackets in their maiden playoff voyage that have popped up around town. I’ve seen a “Good Luck Jackets” sign on a dry cleaner in Clintonville Beechwold, a house on First in Grandview with a “Carry the Flag” banner attached to their front porch (I also note that the house on First in Grandview that used to display a Blackhawks flag has been torn down…that’s just how we roll in the Heights), Barley’s Smokehouse on Dublin Road has posted “Come See the CBJ’s Historic Playoffs in HD” on their marquee, of course the blue lights on the Short North arches. It’s all pretty cool.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, still not quite there. Some of those comments make me gladder than ever I don’t live there anymore. Sorry to those of you who still live there and are hockey fans!


6 responses to “Jackets playoff fever is spreading

  1. argh, us Cincy Jackets fans are livid, particularly Directv and Dish subscribers, as we dont get to see the most historic games in franchise history, and apparently no one at Directv or FSOhio is going to fix it.

  2. I can’t believe they can’t find an empty channel somewhere to show the Jackets telecast and keep everyone happy. I’m not a baseball fan, so maybe I’m remembering this correctly, but I seem to recall a few years ago, before the Indians moved to STO, they were also on FSN, and at least TW would always use an empty channel to ensure both the Indians and Reds got shown in Columbus when they were head-to-head.

    I’m sure more people in Cincinnati do want to see the Reds than the Jackets, but there does seem to be enough vocal demand for the Jackets game that it should be made available somehow.

    Are the Jackets/FSOH at least lifting the Center Ice Blackout for people affected?

  3. Good point, Sarah. DirecTV has the ability to lift the Centre Ice blackout for individuals, so lets see what they do.

    Does anyone know if FSO is going to broadcast in HD? It would be pretty lame to show a 2009 Cup game in 1998 resolution.

  4. Grandview often feels like Jackets central…I run into Manny @ Giant Eagle regularly, I share a trainer & gym with Raffi’s wife…Russell, Dorsett, & Manny are customers of my company…Cincy & Cleveburg have their pro sports & unfortunately I doubt they’ll ever get much more than a die-hard/transplant fan base…c’mon into Columbus & leave the past behind!I wish I could say it was I who ripped down the Blackhawks flag but alas I didn’t steal it…

  5. Actually, it wasn’t just the flag that was ripped down, it was the whole house. 🙂 At least if the house that was torn down is the right one I’m thinking of that had the Hawks flag…

    As I type this, TW-Columbus has the Cavs on the main FSOH channel (33) and the Reds FSOH cast on 24. If they can get it done for regular season basketball and baseball in Columbus, surely they can find a way to get the Jackets playoff games on TV in Cincinnati!

  6. well, TWCincinnati actually worked it out, the reds are on the real FSO channel, the Jackets are on channel 99. its directv and dish that cant seem to work it out. right now, after many mindless email exchanges with directv customer service, ive been referred to a specialist, who hopefully can sort this out. Someone contacted FSOhio and they said there was a ‘glitch’ and hopefully this is sorted out.

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