Jackets 1, Wings 4

Well, the first game in Columbus Blue Jackets playoff history is in the books, and it didn’t exactly unfold as Jackets fans would have liked. The Jackets didn’t play especially badly — they just got beaten by a better team playing better hockey.

I do have to wonder if the outcome would have been affected had the Jackets managed to score on the power play in the first period? They had come out pretty strong in the first, and maybe if they’d been able to capitalize, they could have gotten Detroit back on their heels a little? As it happened, they couldn’t put anything past Osgood, who, it has to be said, looked pretty solid tonight. And late in the first, you could see the momentum start to shift to the Red Wings. Something that just got more pronounced in the second and third periods.

And although it would not be fair to pin the loss on Steve Mason, he was admittedly not incredibly sharp tonight. He has to be better if the Jackets are to have any chance in the series.

This result was not particularly unexpected. Game two looms large now — going home with a split would be much, much better than going home down 0-2. Now they’ve had a taste of the playoffs and seen what it’s all about. Let’s see if they can regroup and bring it to the Wings on Saturday.


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