Big day in Columbus

A little over a year ago, I bought a ticket package that would guarantee me a reserved seat in the very first home game at Columbus’ spanking new ballpark, Huntington Park. I worried at the time that my job might interfere with my ability to attend the game, or maybe a Crew game scheduled simultaneously, but I gave admittedly little thought to the potential for a Jackets’ playoff game to cause a conflict. It wasn’t something I’d ever had to worry about before in April, after all. Even a couple weeks ago, I was still counting on a first round series against Vancouver or Calgary, and thus a late start time for any potential game on the eighteenth. But given the fall into seventh and a date with a team in our own time zone, and given the demands of the TV networks (this one has to do with Canadian TV, or so I hear), tonight’s crucial Game Two vs. Detroit starts at 6PM, or just 1 hour and 55 minutes after first pitch in Huntington Park. Which means that I will break one of my cardinal rules of sports fandom and leave a game early. But such is life.

The Arena Grand theater, which is just a short walk from the ballpark, is showing the Jackets game on the big screen, so my plan is to go up there and watch it. But with the glorious weather and a forecast of rain for the next few days, I am feeling the siren call of the grill, so I may yet return home to watch the game.

Hitchcock has suggested there will be lineup changes for tonight. No word yet on what those might be. It goes without saying that a win tonight would make all the difference in the series for the Jackets, as returning to the friendly confines of home 1-1 provides actual hope, whereas coming back 0-2 just creates desperation to make it look a little better before the inevitable. We’ll see if they can elevate their game to the necessary level in about five hours. And now, I have a baseball game to get to…


2 responses to “Big day in Columbus

  1. Nice to hear you have your priorities perfectly aligned. I’d love nothing more than to see huntington park full for nearly every game, except this one. I’d be awesome if it was half empty around the 7th inning, and a line of people trekking toward the Arena Grand to watch the Jackets.

  2. Lots of people in CBJ gear here. I’m thinking it does empty out in the seventh.

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