Gare out

Via Puck-Rakers. Danny Gare will not have his contract renewed. The other three will be back, but Davidge is moving from radio to TV. Would have preferred for Rimer to be the one to go if it was only going to be one. But I’ll be interested to see how Davidge does on television.


3 responses to “Gare out

  1. There are days I wonder just whose bodies Rimmer has buried in his yard, y’know?

    Danny has always been a very nice guy to talk to if you bumped into him around the Arena District or the R-Bar, but I have to admit I’m curious what we’ll get with Davidge on TV.

    I wonder who comes in with Matthews?

  2. I’m with you on replacing Rims instead. I can only hope Gare’s not returning because he’s replacing Claude Noel as Special Teams coach. 😀

  3. Count me in the minority that wanted Gare out. Great hockey player. Lousy color commentator. I’m no fan of Rimer, but Gare really dragged the game down.

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