The Other Paper on the Arena Situation

I am not really a fan of Columbus’ alt-weekly, The Other Paper, for a whole host of reasons. But I have to admit, Lyndsey Teter did a pretty good story in this week’s issue about the arena issue. You can pick the issue up at various locations around Columbus, or if you don’t live locally, read the article here. TOP actually has several articles on the Jackets financial situation this week, including this piece on Kansas City and Balsillie and Phoenix, which doesn’t really hold any new information for people who follow the NHL regularly. They also have a piece by Richard Sheir, the local activist (now living in Vermont) who played a large role in shooting down the arena/stadium tax issue in 1997.

Of course, being The Other Paper, they would be remiss if they didn’t print some snarky and wrongheaded article that makes me wonder why I bother to pick this rag up on Thursday, so we get Steph Gregor on how the small turnout at the R Bar — “the town’s favorite hockey so-called hotspot” — to watch Pittsburgh and Detroit in June shows “a lack of support for the Jackets.” There is some decent discussion in the piece by Jacket Backers members among others, but my TOP annoyance meter was already about a 10.5/10 by that point…

Still, worth picking the issue up or checking it out online. I’ve often lamented the lack of CBJ coverage by the non-Dispatch media in town, so it is good to get some other voices.

Not much new news on the arena front. I’ve been tossing around in my head what all this means for Grandview Yard, which is being developed by Nationwide. This project is near and dear to my heart wallet as a taxpayer and resident in Grandview Heights, which is counting on GY to shore up the city’s tax base, which took a big hit when Big Bear folded a few years ago. The project already seems somewhat chimeric (no relation to Jason) given the state of the economy locally and nationally, and has been the subject of dispute between Columbus and Grandview. I haven’t really crystallized any ideas about how the CBJ situation affects Nationwide’s development of GY, or vice versa, but it feels like it matters.

And although I won’t be out where Steph Gregor can see me doing so, I do intend to watch Game Five between the Pens and Wings tonight.* So I’m a true Jackets fan!

* flipping between that and the Crew game, of course.


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