Brief Prospect Camp Report

I did make it down to the Ice Haus yesterday for a little while to watch the prospects. This year’s camp lacks the star power of last year, when high picks like Brassard and Voracek were there. And maybe as a result of the new lower draft picks, no one absolutely wowed me yesterday. I did think second rounder from this year’s draft, Kevin Lynch, looked pretty good. Big body, decent skills. I was at the wrong end to see much of first rounder John Moore. Stefan Legein didn’t look as good as I remember from when he was at prospect camp right after being drafted. Trent Vogelhuber looks to have improved during his time at Miami.

Former SLU Saint Brock McBride is in camp as a tryout. He was a valuable player for St. Lawrence the last few years, and is one of those small, speedy and tenacious players I always like. So of course I’m pulling for him to at least get a contract offer from Johnstown or Syracuse after this.

I’m planning to go back down again today and watch some more. And of course today is free agent frenzy day. Not expecting big waves out of Columbus, given the focus on signing Nash, but as always it will be fun to watch and see what happens.


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