Jackets Training Camp Day One, Part One

At long last, hockey is really back in C-bus! The Jackets kicked off the on-ice portion of training camp today at the Ice Haus.

My get up early and head over there intentions were thwarted by a night of weird dreams (Why would my neighbors move around all of my porch furniture and put a bunch of other furniture on my porch?!) mixed with insomnia which led to my sleeping until 10AM. So I missed the drill portion of camp, but after a stop at Spinelli’s in my old hood for a bagel and coffee, I did arrive in time to see most of the scrimmage between Team McConnell and Team Crane. I got there at around 10:40 and there was nary a seat to be found, and people standing all around the glass (this has been one of the lower key but nicer changes since Howson took over — fans can stand around the glass at the Ice Haus during camp now, which was verboten under Doug). Definitely some excitement in town about the Jackets!

Some quick observations from this morning:

  • He’s most likely a couple years away, but I can’t wait ’til John Moore gets to Columbus full-time. Good skater, good passer, good offensive instincts — things that have traditionally been in short supply on the Jackets’ blueline.
  • Stefan Legein is looking more like his old self.
  • Matt Calvert is quickly becoming a fan favorite.
  • Former Saint Brock McBride is in camp. I am obviously rooting for him, although he admittedly looked a little physically overmatched at times today.

Second group will be taking the ice for drills in about 20 minutes, and scrimmage at 2. I’m going to head back down for that (hopefully on-time this time) before the Crew game. More later.


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