Greetings from snowy Omaha

Well, it definitely feels like hockey season now, having scraped a couple of inches of snow off my car this morning.

Last night was the first day of the UNO Ice Breaker tournament. I was in town to see the Saints, who played in the opener against UMass-Lowell. It was a bit of a letdown to travel 700+ miles and not see them score a goal, never mind win. They lost 3-0. Saints didn’t play all that badly. They outshot UML for most of the night. But they couldn’t solve Hutton in the Riverhawks’ net and took some costly penalties. It is a rebuilding year in Canton, and UML is expected to be a pretty good team this year, so what are you going to do?

The late game was obviously of more interest to the locals, and the arena filled in decently well for UNO vs Army. This one was far more of a back and forth affair, with the teams trading leads until UNO finally put it away, 6-4.

St. Lawrence goes today at 4:05 against Army. Hoping for a better showing from the Saints today. I may or may not stick around for the UNO-UML game. I do have a 13+ hour drive tomorrow, and more snow in the forecast, so that may call for an early night.

Qwest Center is really a lovely building. It’s right downtown by the Missouri River, and the Convention Center is attached. They had most of the upper bowl curtained off, and there were still quite a few empty seats even so, but it was a good-sized crowd for the Army-Omaha game. Pretty lively student section. And the non-students seemed pretty engaged as well. Pretty much it was what going to a game at the Schott ought to be like but isn’t. Maybe with the free admission to students this year that will change.

I do have some pictures from the games and the arena, but I’m posting this on a laptop with a battery that doesn’t have too much juice, so I will probably not post those until I get back to Columbus.

And speaking of Columbus, I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Jackets via the Internets while traveling. They beat Vancouver, which was nice, but a couple nights later in San Jose, it was like so many painful nights in the past listening to the radio broadcast from the West Coast as the game slipped more and more out of hand. Okay, so maybe they won’t go 82-0 this year. But they do get the chance to be a spoiler in the Coyotes’ home opener tonight. And come Tuesday, I’ll finally get my first look at them in person against the Flames. Assuming I’m not in Nebraska snowed in….


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