SLU 5, Army 2

Consolation game in the UNO Ice Breaker this afternoon between the Saints and Army. This one turned out to not be especially competitive. Early on, St. Lawrence looked tentative. It appeared Army scored to open up a 1-0 lead, but the goal was called back, and from that point on, it was pretty much all St. Lawrence. They dominated possession and the goals kept coming. Great to see the Saints win, since I doubt I’ll see them play live again this season. But one-sided games aren’t all that exciting to watch.

I dithered for awhile about staying for the championship game between UNO and UML. Ultimately decided to leave and go see a bit more of Omaha rather than watch a hockey game I didn’t particularly care about. I stopped and had a smoothie at Blue Line Coffee, which didn’t actually have anything to do with hockey, but how could I pass up a place with that name?

All in all, a worthwhile trip. Omaha is a pretty nice city, and I’m glad I got a chance to see it. Add in getting to see the Saints win a game, hey, can’t beat that. And now for the very long trip back to Columbus…


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