Jackets 6, Ducks 4

Big hockey fan FAIL for me last night. These late games are pretty much the bane of my existence, but at last there was one on a weekend, with nothing I especially needed to do the next day until dinnertime (Crew wrap up a second straight Supporters’ Shield winning season at six. Pretty safe bet great tickets are still available.), so I could stay up and watch the whole thing without making myself completely out of it at work the next day. Of course, it turned rather chilly last night, so I pulled out a blanket. Blanket + couch = sleep. I was out before the first period ended. Saw the Jackets give up yet another early goal and the rest is a blur. Woke up sporadically throughout the rest of the game, but not enough to have any kind of grasp on what happened or how they played or how the line shake-ups worked.

So anyway, here’s the write-up in the Dispatch. Sounds like an exciting and frustrating game.

Second half of the back-to-back tonight in LA against the Kings. This one is a 9PM start, so I have high hopes of seeing at least the first period before I fall asleep.


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