Jackets 5, Capitals 4

Wild one this afternoon. For a time I thought I’d be writing about a Jackets’ performance that was not what we’ve gotten used to of late. Then I thought I would be writing about more of the same. Then they proved me wrong. Then more of the same. Then…you get the picture.

This was a fun game to watch. Sometimes there are games that you wish your non-hockey fan acquaintances could see, because they would surely convince them of the merits of the sport. This was one of them. The tick-tack-toe passing on the first Caps goal, and then the individual effort by Nash to tie it up were both just gorgeous, hockey at its best. Umberger’s goal to make it 2-1 was less pretty, coming as it did on a funny bounce off the end boards with Theodore out of the net. But hey, crazy bounces are part of what gives hockey its charm as well.

The third period was when it went all goofy. The Jackets looked to be heading for the win when — shades of Friday night — Brooks Laich scored a couple quick goals to make it 3-2 Caps. And the black cloud of despair started to descend over me yet again. Then Raffi Torres, Mr. Clutch for the CBJ, tied it up, and the mood lightened. Then more despair as the defense broke down and the Caps took the lead late. Same old Jackets — wait, there’s Torres again, tying it up with seconds to go! And then Umberger finished it off in OT. What a game! Vaults the Jackets back into a playoff position, at least temporarily (Vancouver plays later tonight and will put them back in ninth with a win). And lifts my mood considerably after Friday night.

And now for a video…which has nothing to do with hockey, but I’m listening to this CD right now and thinking about how much I hated it when I first heard it, but later it became one of my all-time favorites. Kingston’s own Luther Wright and the Wrongs:


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