Jackets 1, Red Wings 9

There’s really nothing to say about the Jackets’ performance in this game. They stunk up the ice pretty much to a man, were dominated by the Wings for 60 minutes. And they know it.

Last night was only the second NHL game I ever left before it ended (the first was a lifeless affair against Colorado about three years ago, when I had to get up very early the next day and drive to Syracuse). Had it not been for the women next to me talking non-stop about their banal lives and banal friends, I might have stuck it out to the end of the terrible game. Then again, had it not been for the terrible play on the ice, it might have been worth my while to just find a different seat away from them. But the conjunction of an unwatchable game and unbearable people sent me fleeing for home near the end of the second period. I did at least watch the third period on TV…not that it was worth my while either.

As the game was starting, I was fretting about how bad the attendance was. And it was in fact a record low for a Columbus-Detroit game. But honestly, I’m retroactively somewhat glad more people weren’t there. 3,000 more people could have been turned off CBJ hockey for life.

All we can do is move on and put this game behind us. Hopefully the team has taken whatever lessons they needed to take from this. Anaheim tomorrow.


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