Jackets 3, Ducks 2 (SO)

After the awful game on Wednesday, the Jackets were looking for some redemption last night. Anaheim has been struggling badly this season, so they would seem to be the tonic the CBJ needed. And ultimately they were, although the Jackets didn’t exactly make it look easy.

In what’s become an all-too-familiar pattern this year, the Jackets got behind early and had to play catch up. I suppose as long as they can manage to come back, it doesn’t matter who scores first (see the 2008 Columbus Crew for an example of a team that frequently went behind early yet didn’t suffer unduly for it), but it’s not a trait that inspires a lot of confidence in this team. It would be nice to see them take a lead early and hold it all game.

In this case, the Jackets had to crawl out of the hole twice — in the first period after the early goal, and again in the second after Doug Maclean’s bete noire, Todd Marchant, made it 2-1 Ducks. I thought the Jackets picked up their play after the Marchant goal, and they did come back to tie it. Mathieu Garon, getting his first start as a Jacket on home ice, came up with some big saves late in the second to preserve the tie. The third period + OT solved nothing, so it went to the shootout. Rick Nash iced the extra point for the CBJs with a weird goal. I thought he just lost his balance a little and was trying not to fall as he shot the puck. But it was notable enough to make Deadspin (some day I only hope the Jackets figure into a Wonkette post…)

Straight to the video:

Jackets now sitting in sixth in the West. They play at home Monday against Edmonton, and then head out on the road.


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