Odds & Ends before the Oilers game

Puck-rakers commenters react to the news that Steve Mason has back spasms with the calmness and reason for which they are known. Incidentally, I had some back spasms last night while cleaning the cat box, and during my career as a goalie in shinny/intramural hockey, was occasionally known to give an angry glare when someone shot at my head. I am truly history’s greatest monster, or maybe number two to Steve Mason. In any event, we already knew Garon was starting tonight.

Tom Sestito has been recalled by the CBJs. We’ll see if he gets some ice time during the call-up.

I finally made it down to the Schott on Saturday for an OSU game. I went to a lot of games during the NHL lockout, but haven’t had a lot of success in keeping my friends interested since then, and since many of their games do conflict with Jackets games or other events, I don’t make it down to see the hockey Bucks as often as I’d like to. And with many of Miami’s games on TV, I feel like I’m more in tune with what’s going on with the Redhawks than the Buckeyes most of the time. In any event, small crowd as usual (given that the game started about an hour after the end of that nail-biting football game, I’d guess most of Columbus was still paralytic drunk by the time of the hockey game). Buckeyes were outshot by Western Michigan and still seem to have a penchant for getting themselves in penalty trouble (based on the sample size of two games I’ve seen this year). But Cal Heeter played very well in goal and held off WMU, and the Buckeyes managed to skate away with the 4-2 win. And with that, the Buckeyes, who started the season slow, are now third in the CCHA behind Michigan State and Miami (who were quite surprisingly swept at home by Ferris State this weekend). The game reminded me that I really should make more of an effort to make more OSU games. They’re out of town the rest of this month, but have a couple mouth-watering home tilts coming up in December — a series against Michigan, and a game against Miami (first half of a home-and-home).

One final note: this coming weekend the St. Lawrence women pay a visit to the Buckeyes women’s team. I’ll be at both, natch, rooting for the scarlet & brown.


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