Jackets 3, Predators 4 (SO)

Yesterday started out as a pretty good sports day for me. OSU beat Michigan, St. Lawrence won the women’s hockey game at OSU…could it be possible that the Jackets would finally win a game in Nashville?

For a time, it looked like they might pull it off. They scored first, and went into the second period with a lead, on the strength of R.J. Umberger’s two goals (it’s still kind of amazing that Howson managed to turn disgruntled Adam Foote into a gamer like Umberger, but I digress…). But then Legwand tied it up, then the teams traded goals, no one scored in the third or in OT, somewhere in there Wade Belak attempted to castrate Jared Boll with his hockey stick, and we had another shootout. Which they lost.

And the Jackets are now 0 for the last 12,000 in Nashville, or something to that effect. It sure feels that way. Although it might have been too much to expect the curse would get broken last night. Nashville started the season pretty badly, but they’ve been on a tear of late, and are working their way into the playoff picture. So that coupled with the seeming inevitability of a loss every time the Jackets play at the Sommet Center should have had me expecting this outcome.

In any event, the loser point keeps the Jackets in sixth in the West. They play the Rangers tomorrow night, traditionally my most hated of NHL teams, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to give a damn about them, playing all the way over there in the other conference. And sadly there will be no Zherdev to obsess over. The Rangers started strong, but have been falling into the abyss of late, so this might be a game to grab a couple of road points for the Jackets.


2 responses to “Jackets 3, Predators 4 (SO)

  1. “it’s still kind of amazing that Howson managed to turn disgruntled Adam Foote into a gamer like Umberger” – huh?

    • When Foote orchestrated his trade back to Colorado, the Jackets got a pick in return, which in turn was traded at the draft to Philadelphia for Umberger. It’s an impressive piece of work to have your hands tied by a player demanding a trade to only one team, and ultimately net a guy who comes to play every night and scores big goals.

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