Jackets 3, Hawks 4 (SO)

Jackets get a rare turn on national TV last night and while they didn’t embarrass themselves, it ended up with another blown lead, and another loss.

I suppose given that they were playing on the road, had back-to-back games, and, well, Chicago is just a better team, 3-3 at the end of 65 minutes of play is a respectable outcome. And really, they played pretty well, compared to some recent games that are better forgotten. But giving up the lead in the third again, it just stings.

The shootout went on forever. Eleven rounds. Doesn’t make it any more exciting to me. In the end, Mason cracked first, although stopping 9/11 shots in the shootout certainly was a decent performance after some struggles in shootouts this year. He was clearly dissatisfied, though, and went all Keith Ballard on the boards with his goal stick after Chicago won it.

Jackets play tomorrow against the Maple Leafs. Toronto’s been a bit better of late, and their road record is actually better than their home record, so this isn’t one to take lightly. But still, this is one the Jackets should win, on paper at least. We shall see…


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