What’s up with Puck-Rakers?

It’s hiding behind a login wall. And not just for when you want to post comments — you have to log in just to read it. It’s also apparently completely inaccessible from smartphones, or at least I haven’t been able to get to it on my Crackberry.

I’m able to read Shawn Mitchell’s Covering the Crew blog on my phone. And I was reading The Daily Briefing blog yesterday at work without logging in. So this is apparently not something that applies sitewide on the Dispatch site?

I know there are always a lot of ridiculous comments on that blog, but is the login really going to stop the tragically stupid from posting nonsense in the comments? Or just annoy people like me who read the blog but almost never post on it? To the extent that we just stop bothering to read it?

Oh well, at least I still have People of Wal-Mart…


9 responses to “What’s up with Puck-Rakers?

  1. Yeah it’s pretty frustrating. I use Google Reader to mash together about 30 different Jackets news sites into one RSS feed that I can get on my phone, and wondered why I didn’t have any more Puck Rakers stories.

    What good is paying a reporter to post stories if you are just going to lock them up to prevent people from accessing them? Yes people can still log in and view them, but there’s so many good Jackets blogs out there like this one, that it would take forever to log into each one and view it’s content. That is why sites have RSS, But by locking the content behind the password Puck Rakers might as well not have it. Thanks for taking us back to 1995 Dispatch.

  2. I was getting ready to write something similar to what Skraut said. It is so obnoxious.

  3. What’s next? Will they start charging to read their blog?

  4. As a Dispatch subscriber, I have no problem with password-protected access to blog content. Those guys have to get paid one way or the other…

    However, as a Dispatch subscriber, I’m REALLY honked off at them disabling their RSS feed as I, too, aggregate(d) their blog with a bunch of others using Netvibes. Ever since they walled off the blog, I can’t get any Puck Rakers content. Not exactly customer-friendly, is it?

  5. Puck-rakers? You say it’s a hockey blog? I remember a few years ago when it began and they dutifully reported everything that Doug MacLean told them.

    It’s great to pay for The Dispatch and all of this convenience that they offer. It’s just like being a PSL owner.

  6. I agree. Very frustrating. I also read Puck-Rakers (and blogs by the other commenters) through the RSS on my Blackberry. Has anyone figured out who to contact at the Dispatch? I looked on the bluejacketsxtra page and the blog’s home page and I can’t find any contact information.

  7. The RSS seems to be working for me once again.

  8. Another issue that irks me: I still have to log-in every time that I want to read puck rakers. It’s becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth, imo

  9. Yeah, that happened to me this morning. Even though I logged in before on this computer and checked for it to remember me, I got the login page again.

    I hope they get this fixed soon. It is an aggravation.

    Still can’t get to it on my Crackberry, either.

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