Freddy Mo back tonight

We knew this was about to happen, but it is official now: Modin off the IR, Derek MacKenzie back to Syracuse.

I know a lot of Jackets fans don’t have much time for Modin, given his almost constant string of injuries since becoming a Blue Jacket. But I’m happy to see him returning now. If he can stay healthy for a stretch (and I know that’s the $64,000 “if”), he adds some secondary scoring punch. And perhaps more important, he has a lot of experience and has been a part of winning teams in the past. Many people (including me) have questioned whether some of the ups and downs this season have been the result of a vacuum in veteran leadership. And as such, it’s good to be getting some veteran leadership back out on the ice. Looking forward to seeing #33 on the ice tonight (and not just on the back of that guy with the “SEX” jersey…)


One response to “Freddy Mo back tonight

  1. He’s an asset when healthy, but has not been healthy most of his time here.

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