Jackets 1, Ducks 3

Really, how many different ways are there that I can say a CBJ game was disappointing?

Once again, Jackets came out flat and played passive hockey in the first, and as a result, wound up going behind. They were somewhat better in the second and third periods, although again, while they outshot the opposing team, not many of those shots seemed to make Hiller work all that hard. So it was a bit of an illusion. Not scoring on a minute-long five-on-three in the third was a backbreaker. And yet again, the defense gave the opposition too much time and space — Bobby Ryan was able to walk right in on Mason to score what turned out to be the GWG for the Ducks late in the second. For his part, I thought Mason looked sharper than he has for much of this season. Hopefully he’s turning the corner — and if so, hopefully the rest of the team will follow his lead. Because this is getting old.

Freddy Modin showed some rust after being out all season. He picked up his play in the second and third, but you could tell he was just a tad out of sync with his teammates.

Jackets lost Dorsett again. He fought Mike Brown (the hockey player, not the Bengals owner, nor the former spokesman for Mayor Coleman) in the first and left with what was later reported to be a broken hand. That’s a bummer, after he had just come off IR. Especially with the Preds coming up, since that tends to be a chippy match-up. I assume we’ll see Andrew Murray or Mike Blunden back in the lineup Monday against Nashville.

Another not-great weekend crowd, although I’ve seen worse. They were pretty quiet most of the night, no doubt lulled to sleep by the first period. Although they did wake up long enough to start booing the Jackets’ PP in the second.

Jackets now twelfth in the conference, and eighth looks more distant all the time.


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