Detroit pre-game thoughts

Yes, I’ve been silent over the course of the last three games. I watched them, and thought about blogging about them, but seriously, it just gets tiresome and repetitive to talk about yet another CBJ loss. And this is supposed to be the season to be jolly…

Jackets didn’t look awful, especially against Dallas, but the end results were the same. They’ve now lost, I dunno –a hundred?– games in a row, and are separated from the basement in the West by one point and the Edmonton Oilers. They’re ten points out of a playoff spot. The only teams in the entire league to have given up more goals are the Leafs and Hurricanes.

Against that ugly backdrop, here come the Red Wings, who laid a 9-1 pasting on the Jackets the last time they were in Columbus. Detroit is struggling by their standards, but the Jackets still have to look way up at them. Maybe they surprise me tonight, but I’m expecting another long night of indigestion at Nationwide Arena, and it won’t be just from the pre-game burrito.

On the more interesting front, Aaron Portzline tweeted this morning that a Jackets-Capitals trade may be in the works. At least that gives us something to be interested in, since tonight’s game doesn’t hold out much promise.


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