Jackets 1, Isles 2 (SO)

If the Detroit game suggested maybe we were in for a new direction from the 2009-10 Columbus Blue Jackets, well, Tuesday’s game against the Isles was more of the old familiar Jackets hockey. Pretty boring game overall, Isles scored first on a flukey goal that his Mason’s shoulder and bounced over him, and ultimately was put into the net by Jan Hejda (on a tangent, I wish hockey would keep track of own goals like soccer does, rather than crediting the goal to the last offensive player who touched the puck). Despite the Jackets’ wide advantage in shots on goal all game, it looked for a long time like Roloson was going to let that stand up as the gamewinner. Umberger finally did tie it late, but, as is all too common this year, the Jackets couldn’t get another in the third or OT, and lost in the shootout. And the fans watching at home let out a collective sigh.

At least they got the loser point. Still fourteenth in the conference. Nashville tonight for the NYE game. Should be a decent-sized crowd on hand; hopefully the team with their new t-shirts will bring their A game tonight and send 2009 off with a win.


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