Two in a row!

Apologies for being quiet when the Jackets have actually managed to string together a princely two wins in a row. I’ve been continuing to fight this cold, which while not that severe, is doggedly determined to hang on forever, and just going to work is kind of taking everything out of me. By the time these late games start, I’m falling asleep. I didn’t make it through the first period of the Oilers game, and that was only at 9PM. But the handy boxscore machine tells me the Jackets won that game 4-2.

I did manage to watch most of last night’s game against Calgary, and the Jackets looked pretty good. I’ll admit, when Calgary made it 3-2 in the third, I fully expected the CBJs to give up the tying goal, lose in a shootout, the whole pattern we’ve become accustomed to this season. But they didn’t. Garon held the fort, and the Jackets have now climbed up to 13th in the West.

It’s a modest winning streak to be sure, but it might have saved Ken Hitchcock’s job. For the time being at least.


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