Jackets 1, Kings 4

For the first part of this game, the Jackets actually looked like they were still riding the wave of the win over Nashville. They came out strong and buzzed the LA net, put lots of shots in on Quick, but just couldn’t beat him. Once Los Angeles scored the first goal, the jump the Jackets had shown started to dissipate. And it just settled down into another meek, lifeless loss.

Is there anybody out there who still has any hope for this team this season? I know they’re “only” nine points out of a playoff spot, but the signs of life are so sporadic. I didn’t expect them to take a huge step forward this season, and figured they’d have to claw and scratch for a playoff berth. But I can honestly say I did not foresee the wheels falling off completely like this. And it’s just damn dispiriting. I could really use a good distraction these days, but the Jackets just aren’t it.

At least the Crew’s regular season is just a few months away…right around when this nightmare of a hockey season will finally be over.

Jackets at St. Louis tomorrow night. I’ll watch, as I always do. But my expectations are about nil.


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