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Jackets 3, Blues 2 (OT)

Every time I think my interest level in this team has hit rock bottom, they manage to gut out a win and suck me back in for more abuse.

Last night’s game was hardly one of beauty, apart from a couple lovely saves by Garon. It was a tough, grind-it-out, physical hockey game. And for once, the Jackets came out on top in a game of that nature. Imagine that! And to do it in St. Louis, no less, a place that’s reached almost Nashvillean proportions as a place of horror for the Jackets. And, to top it off, they even managed to win after giving up a late tying goal, an event that normally signals a complete collapse by this team.

Maybe they’ve turned the corner at last?

Eh….probably not.

But it was good to see them win one like this, nonetheless.


Jackets make a trade

Not the big one a lot of people have been waiting for, though. From the St. Louis Blues official page:

St. Louis Blues President John Davidson announced Tuesday the club has acquired forward Pascal Pelletier (pas-KAL, PEHL-tyay) from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for Brendan Bell and Tomas Kana.

I remember Bell being seen as a promising prospect for the Leafs way back when I still lived in Canada, but he hasn’t done a great deal in the NHL, and has been playing in the AHL this season. He may get a shot in Columbus with the injury to Klesla, but I’d have to believe this is more of a move to shore up the blueline in Syracuse.

Kana, a center, is still fairly young and was a second rounder for St. Louis in ’06, so he may yet have an NHL future. But he’s been playing in the ECHL this year, which isn’t usually a great sign for a prospect who isn’t a goalie.

Jackets 5, Blues 2

At last, the losing streak is over! Jackets turn in a solid performance tonight against the Blues in a fairly close game (the two empty net goals at the end make it look less close than it was). R.J. Umberger came up big with the hat trick and the GWG.

Not all good news for the Jackets tonight, however. Late in the first period, Rusty Klesla collided with Barrett Jackman and fell awkwardly with Jackman on top of him. Hockey players generally have a pretty high pain tolerance, so when a guy stays down on the ice and is literally writhing in pain, it’s a bad sign. Klesla was helped off the ice and did not return. Hopefully it will not keep him out too long, but it certainly didn’t look good. If he is out for an extended period, it’s a big blow to this struggling defensive corps. In the short term, as Marc Methot was apparently already nursing a minor injury, we can probably expect a call-up from Syracuse.

Jackets are right back at it tomorrow night on the road. Another important Central Division game, this time against Chicago. Now that the losing streak is over, time to get a winning streak going!

Oh well, at least…

…we can ditch the idea that if the Jackets had only managed to finish in sixth, things would have been markedly better. St. Louis just went out in four to Vancouver. And they were playing a hell of a lot better than the Jackets on the lead-up to the playoffs.

Jackets 1, Blues 3

Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming? Jackets go into St. Louis — a place they’ve never been especially successful — having clinched a playoff spot, facing a hungry Blues team fighting for their lives…any chance that ends in a “W” for the good guys? Sigh.

I just wish they’d taken advantage of the inevitable and given Mason the night off last night. I’m still concerned about how much he’s going to have left for the playoffs.

Last game of the regular season tonight. Seems strange to think it won’t be the last game, period. I will actually be at the Crew game tonight, so I won’t be watching it. Thought about taking a radio and listening, but I’m DVRing the NCAA final, and with Davidge’s Miami connection, there’s no way they won’t talk about how that game is going on the air…

Jackets 2, Blues 5

It’s common when the Jackets lose to a team beneath them in standings to say that they “played down” to the level of their opposition. To say that after tonight’s game would be a grave insult to the St. Louis Blues, who just straight outplayed the Jackets for 60 minutes. Their passes were sharper, their skating swifter, their shots on net, their scoring chances better, their defense more stalwart, their Mason more of a brick wall.

This is the first time in awhile I’ve heard the boo birds at Nationwide Arena directing their rancor at the home team. But it was richly deserved for that mediocre effort.

I could write more, but seriously, I don’t want to waste any more time on that game…I already wasted three hours going to it. Let’s just move past it and get on to Tuesday, when they can get one back against…uh oh, Nashville.

Jackets 3, Blues 4 (SO) and other assorted sports heartbreaks

I was flipping back and forth last night between several events — the Jackets game, the Miami-UMD game, the US Men’s Soccer World Cup Qualifier against El Salvador, and the Vermont-Air Force game, which I hadn’t intended to watch, but when it’s double OT for a place in the Frozen Four, it’s hard not to be compelling. As a result, I saw mainly fragments of the CBJ game and can’t offer any kind of educated opinion on how they played. With my eye on the playoff standings, it’s good that they came away with a point at least, bad that they gave away two points to a team chasing them, but as it stands right now, all five Central teams are in the playoffs, and I really want that to happen. So my feelings are mixed all around. I wish the Jackets would clinch and then I could unreservedly cheer for Nashville and St. Louis to get in.

Beyond the CBJ loss, it was an all-around disappointing day for Central Ohio sports. I went to the Crew’s home opener — good crowd on hand, good atmosphere with the Nordecke completely full and a thousand or so TFC fans making the trip down. Crew took the lead in the first half on a PK by Schelotto following a TFC hand ball. They looked to be headed to the 1-0 win until Padula scored a shocking own-goal with about six minutes to go. Schelotto had been subbed out by then, and without him in the lineup and other regulars missing due to injury and national team duty, there was just no real offense being generated, and it ended in the 1-1 draw. Which felt like a loss, to be sure.

Then it was home to watch the DVRed Ohio State-BU game from the NCAA regionals. Which also felt like a loss, because it was one. A huge one. The Buckeyes were just outplayed from the very start, eventually went down 6-0. They did start to make it interesting by the middle of the third period, scoring three goals to maybe make a game out of it. Markell pulled the goalie very early to try the hail mary, but BU just scored into the empty net. The final was 8-3. Buckeyes are out.

On the brighter side, Miami held on for a 2-1 win over Minnesota-Duluth, which means the RedHawks will be making their first ever appearance in the Frozen Four. Way to go!