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Jackets 3, Canucks 7

As I indicated I would do last night, I paid no attention to this game beyond reading the score updates on Twitter. I watched the WJC game, which was well-played, exciting, close, and my team won in the end. So kind of the opposite of Jackets’ games these days.

I’ve been hesitant about climbing on the fire Hitchcock bandwagon, in part because I think the team screwed up badly way back when Dave King was fired. So I’ve been reluctant to say throw an experienced coach overboard when the problems aren’t just about the coach. I still think it’s not all just about the coach, and I’m not convinced that firing Hitchcock is going to bring about some magical overnight turnaround. But I’m more and more of the opinion that a shake-up and a change of direction are needed. Playoffs are probably impossible for this season no matter what. But it just feels like this tailspin has gone on too long and next season could be lost too if something doesn’t happen soon. So with some reservations, I think I’ve moved over to the pro-coaching change side.

It is true that a lot of the comments on Puck-Rakers and elsewhere calling for Hitch to be fired have been short on suggestions for who should replace him. No one seems too excited about any of the current assistant coaches, so I can’t see one of them being promoted, except maybe as a temporary measure. And I don’t think anyone wants Howson behind the bench. I am intrigued by Kevin Dineen, a named that has been tossed around. He’s young, had some background with the organization, has had some success in the AHL. And he comes from a coaching background, his father having been a long-time coach. He could be a good fit in Columbus.


Oh well, at least…

…we can ditch the idea that if the Jackets had only managed to finish in sixth, things would have been markedly better. St. Louis just went out in four to Vancouver. And they were playing a hell of a lot better than the Jackets on the lead-up to the playoffs.

Jackets 6, Canucks 5 (SO)

After being on the receiving end of yet another ass-raping questionable call by the Toronto war room against the Devils on Friday night, the Jackets set off on a Western Canadian road trip on that inauspicious note. Although at least they had the return from injury of Rick Nash to give them some hope.

It turned out to be a wild one — the lead going back and forth, Vancouver looking to having it wrapped up in the second only to give up a series of quick goals, Columbus looking to having it wrapped up in the third, only to have the Canucks come back and tie it. The Jackets finally iced it in the shootout, with new acquisition Jason Williams potting the first goal, to go along with one he scored earlier in the run of play.

Unfortunately, because they couldn’t put Vancouver away in sixty minutes, the Jackets did give up a point to a team they’re chasing for the #8 spot. They’re still sitting in ninth, one point behind Edmonton and two behind Vancouver. Tomorrow night they’ll play Edmonton with a chance to grab that eighth spot, and get some revenge for that embarrassing loss on home ice in November.

An Eventful Week

To summarize, since I last posted:

  • The Jackets beat the Canucks and lost to the Sharks
  • Steve Mason was named Rookie of the Month
  • Raffi Torres went on IR and needs more knee surgery
  • Clay Wilson was called up
  • Stefan Legein got his mojo back
  • There was a rumor Freddy Norrena had signed in Sweden, but it wasn’t true
  • Sean Avery something something
  • St. Lawrence beat Colgate 5-2 on TV

I believe I am all caught up now. I promise better blogging (in terms of frequency and content) in the new year. This fall has been a mad scramble in which I’ve been distracted by the election, house hunting, the Crew, travel, moving. All but the last is over now, and that will be done next month. And once I’m paying a mortgage, I won’t have money to do much of anything but watch Jackets games (on TV) and blog, so expect better in 2009.

RIP Luc Bourdon

Sad news out of New Brunswick this afternoon. Condolences to his family and friends, and Canucks fans.

Jackets 3, Canucks 2: Three in a row

Am I ever glad I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to watch this one in person instead of on the couch. Because I got to see the CBJ gut it out and win one against a better team, which is one of those things we haven’t seen a whole lot of in seven years here in Jacketland. They made it look easy early on, but gradually let the Canucks take more control, and I was waiting for the inevitable — Vancouver to score the tying goal and then go ahead — but it didn’t come. Good show.

Also, BTW: jersey sale on right now at the Blue Line. The new Reebok replicas with Jackets’ player names & numbers are $135 right now, which is almost $50 off. They don’t know for sure how long the sale will go on. Thankfully for me, tomorrow is payday, and I work close enough to run down at lunchtime 🙂


Jackets score early

Derick Brassard is up with the big club now

Zherdev looks for the pass

Nash generates traffic on the PP

Zherdev sets up shop in Wayne Gretzky’s old office

Boll is knocked down, looks for a call where none is forthcoming

Former Buckeye Ryan Kesler is a useful player for the Canucks

Hainsey jockeys with Pyatt

A Sedin

Now it’s Hejda’s turn to tangle with Pyatt

Brassard and Glencross chase the puck behind the net

Vyborny and Fedorov on the power play

Nik Zherdev, player of the game

Luongo comes out to handle the puck

Willie Mitchell

I could stand to see that more often

Been busy

I had to work late the other night and as such only saw a little of the Jackets’ 2-0 loss to Vancouver, which is why I haven’t posted anything about that game. I expect to miss most or all of their game tonight with Calgary, since I’ll be at the historic Southgate House in Newport, KY watching one of only two concerts this year by Dayton’s own Robert Pollard. So don’t expect anything on tonight’s game, either. I should be back to my usual loquacity about all things CBJ-related by the Dallas game next week, although I don’t plan to attend that one.

I did watch part of the OSU-Michigan game last night on Fox College Sports, and saw the struggling Buckeyes upset Michigan. OSU is now on a modest two-game winning streak and has vaulted into a tie for ninth in the CCHA. Hopefully this is a sign of some good karma vis-a-vis my teams, as St. Lawrence could really use some sort of divine intervention as they face that evil school from Pots-god-dam tonight at Appleton. I’ll be there in spirit.