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Jackets lose again

The draft lottery has never been lucky for this team, and that streak is not broken — CBJ will pick in the #4 spot in June.

This has arguably been one of this franchise’s biggest shortfalls — that they’ve been bad pretty consistently, but not bad enough to get some extra balls in the lottery and come up with a top pick. Aside from picking Nash in 2002 (and trading up from #3 to do it), they’ve consistently had picks in the #4-8 range, thus not being able to pick players like Ovechkin, Doughty, Toews, etc. One can argue that the players they did pick weren’t necessarily the best choices, or that the team’s development system has consistently failed to turn raw but talented prospects into quality NHLers. And I wouldn’t disagree with that. But looking at some of the teams that did get those #1 or #2 picks over the past few years, and the players they got, and the way those franchises turned around…yeah, it burns.

Although if Cam Fowler falls into the CBJ’s laps, I may be willing to forgive and forget…



I’ve been watching hockey now for over twenty years, and this has to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen:

Keith Ballard swings his stick in anger and takes his own goalie, Tomas Vokoun, out of the game. Vokoun had to be taken to the hospital, and I have seen reports on Twitter he’s in surgery, presumably to repair his torn up ear. Just insane.

ETA: Latest news is that Vokoun got his ear stitched up and is okay.

Wow, players become UFAs so quickly these days


Jackets 6, Ducks 4

Big hockey fan FAIL for me last night. These late games are pretty much the bane of my existence, but at last there was one on a weekend, with nothing I especially needed to do the next day until dinnertime (Crew wrap up a second straight Supporters’ Shield winning season at six. Pretty safe bet great tickets are still available.), so I could stay up and watch the whole thing without making myself completely out of it at work the next day. Of course, it turned rather chilly last night, so I pulled out a blanket. Blanket + couch = sleep. I was out before the first period ended. Saw the Jackets give up yet another early goal and the rest is a blur. Woke up sporadically throughout the rest of the game, but not enough to have any kind of grasp on what happened or how they played or how the line shake-ups worked.

So anyway, here’s the write-up in the Dispatch. Sounds like an exciting and frustrating game.

Second half of the back-to-back tonight in LA against the Kings. This one is a 9PM start, so I have high hopes of seeing at least the first period before I fall asleep.

Why I am not currently watching the state HS hockey semifinals

It seemed the perfect plan: I am going to see Kathleen Edwards at the Basement tonight, meeting my friends at Boston’s at six. Hey, the second semi-final of the state high school hockey championship starts at four at Nationwide, right across the street, and should end right around six. Why not go take in the hockey game first?

Got there, paid five dollars to park in the Nationwide lot (“Not a bad deal, I though, $5 to park for the game and the restaurant and the concert”) and almost immediately realized I had left my concert ticket at home. No refunds or in-and-out privileges, so I just wasted $5 because now I have to go home and get the ticket.

I was pissed off enough that I decided not to come back for the hockey game, and just come back at six. So I apologize to Centerville and St. John Jesuit for my non-support (Go Elks! Gotta rep southern Ohio in this). I may come back for the final tomorrow morning since at least I can park for free on the street on Sunday.

Of course, the greatest irony is that my former abode is within walking distance, so if I still lived there, I could have walked in the first place, or at least walked home for the concert ticket and not paid $5 for 30 seconds of parking.


Ducks’ beat-writer/blogger opines that the NHL would be better off without the Jackets.

You’d think that after hearing endless variations on the same theme about his own local team, a writer from Anaheim wouldn’t go there. But he did…Sigh. My general position on this issue is that anyone who actively hopes for any NHL team to be contracted doesn’t deserve to be called a hockey fan. Period.

Oh well, at least he got to write this after the game. Zee irony, it burns!

(It’s making the rounds, but HT to Light the Lamp for bringing this one to my attention initially)

A memory game

Can you name all 30 NHL teams in five minutes?

I did it with 48 seconds to spare. I got 29 in about 2 1/2 minutes, and then was stumped by one team for a long time. It was the other team that entered the league the same year as the Jackets..