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Jackets 2, Caps 3

The Jackets actually played pretty well tonight against the top team in the league. If they’d been able to finish some of the good chances they had, this one could well have been a ‘W’ for the home team. Granted, Washington seemed to be mostly going through the motions, but who can blame them? They’re cruising into the playoffs and Columbus will be on the golf course in a week.

Lots of Caps fans in the building tonight, but they weren’t really irritating like some opposing fan bases we’ve seen.

So, one more week and this nightmare of a season will be over. I realize I haven’t posted on the blog in about a month, but my level of interest in the 2009-10 Blue Jackets has been just about nil. I’ve been preoccupied with work stuff, both good and bad, since the start of the new year. And it’s been hard to carve out the mental space to think about this team and analyze their performances. And in a way, the Olympics were the last straw for me — two weeks of exciting, well-played, meaningful hockey in which both of my favorite teams (USA and Slovakia) contended for medals. To switch from that back to, oh, six more weeks of a CBJ season where the playoff hopes were essentially put paid to in November — ugh. I still watch the games, sort of. And go to them when I have tickets (although I did miss three in a row in March for a variety of reasons, the most humorous of which was my car getting completely coated in mud after the Crew home opener last weekend).

I know I’ve made it through lots of bad CBJ seasons before (and a whole string of frustrating Ottawa Senators seasons before that) without getting this turned off. But with the team having made the playoffs last year and looking to be on the upswing, to not even be in a playoff battle is just too much.

But hey, Miami’s in the Frozen Four next week, so there may be some hockey glory for Ohio yet this spring.

And I renewed my CBJ twenty-game pack for next season already. Because hope springs eternal. And that’s why I’m not calling time on the blog, although I strongly considered it at times the past few months. See y’all next season (and probably at some key points before that, like the draft and July 1)!


Been Down So Long…

…looks like up to me.

Apologies again for my absence from the blog of late. My cold, busy-ness at work, stress at work, and other things have gotten in the way of even watching the Jackets, never mind thinking or writing about how they’re doing. Which is still mostly bad, although they looked good for a bit there. At least they seem to be pulling away from the Oilers so maybe they won’t finish dead last in the West.

Boston tonight. I have no real expectations of victory.

Two in a row!

Apologies for being quiet when the Jackets have actually managed to string together a princely two wins in a row. I’ve been continuing to fight this cold, which while not that severe, is doggedly determined to hang on forever, and just going to work is kind of taking everything out of me. By the time these late games start, I’m falling asleep. I didn’t make it through the first period of the Oilers game, and that was only at 9PM. But the handy boxscore machine tells me the Jackets won that game 4-2.

I did manage to watch most of last night’s game against Calgary, and the Jackets looked pretty good. I’ll admit, when Calgary made it 3-2 in the third, I fully expected the CBJs to give up the tying goal, lose in a shootout, the whole pattern we’ve become accustomed to this season. But they didn’t. Garon held the fort, and the Jackets have now climbed up to 13th in the West.

It’s a modest winning streak to be sure, but it might have saved Ken Hitchcock’s job. For the time being at least.

Some hockey games happened or are happening

Yeah, I know, the Jackets played Saturday night. They lost, late. I was at that point in the early stages of DEATH FLU (which turned out to be a moderately incapacitating cold) and only half paying attention. But anyway, it just gets worse; the cries for Hitchcock’s head get louder, etc.

Jackets play tonight in Vancouver. That game is not on TV. It’s of course on the radio and various internet sites of varying legality. But instead of trying to track it down, if you happen to have the NHL Network, do yourself a favor and watch the World Junior Championship final instead. It begins at 8PM EST — exactly one hour from when I’m writing this. Canada vs. USA for all the marbles. Doesn’t get much better than that, hockey-wise. The Jackets will still be there to watch lose on Thursday…

54 in 2009

A year ago today I asked if I would manage to attend fifty live sporting events in 2009. My previous best (at least since I started tracking it in 2007) had been 49, and 2008 was only 33, what with it being an election year and my buying a house right as hockey season started heating up.

This year I did it…helped along immensely by my decision to go from a half to a whole season ticket package for the Crew. And also I went to a few more Clippers games with the opening of the new ballpark. I made it to 54 events (51 if you don’t count Jackets’ prospects or training camp).

The list:

1. 1/2/09 — Clarkson Golden Knights vs Miami Redhawks @ OSU (Ohio Hockey Classic)
2. 1/2/09 — Army Black Knights vs OSU Buckeyes @ OSU (Ohio Hockey Classic)
3. 1/13/09 — Colorado Avalanche @ Columbus Blue Jackets
4. 1/30/09 — Ottawa Senators @ Columbus Blue Jackets
5. 2/11/09 — Mexico vs USA WCQ @ Crew Stadium
6. 2/18/09 — St. Louis Blues @ Columbus Blue Jackets
7. 2/24/09 — Phoenix Coyotes @ St. Louis Blues
8. 3/12/09 — Pittsburgh Penguins @ Columbus Blue Jackets
9. 3/26/09 — Calgary Flames @ Columbus Blue Jackets
10. 3/28/09 — Toronto FC @ Columbus Crew
11. 3/29/09 — St. Louis Blues @ Columbus Blue Jackets
12. 3/31/09 — Nashville Predators @ Columbus Blue Jackets
13. 4/3/09 — Johnstown Chiefs @ Cincinnati Cyclones
14. 4/4/09 — Columbus Blue Jackets @ Nashville Predators
15. 4/11/09 — Colorado Rapids @ Columbus Crew
16. 4/18/09 — Toledo Mud Hens @ Columbus Clippers (opening day of the new ballpark)
17. 4/21/09 — Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus Blue Jackets
18. 4/23/09 — Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus Blue Jackets
19. 4/25/09 — Chicago Fire @ Columbus Crew
20. 5/27/09 — San Jose Earthquakes @ Columbus Crew
21. 6/27/09 — New York Red Bull @ Columbus Crew
22. 6/30/09 — Durham Bulls @ Columbus Clippers
23. 6/30/09 — Columbus Blue Jackets Prospect Camp
24. 7/1/09 — Columbus Blue Jackets Prospect Camp
25. 7/4/09 — DC United @ Columbus Crew
26. 7/7/09 — Jamaica vs. Costa Rica @ Crew Stadium (CONCACAF Gold Cup)
27. 7/7/09 — Canada vs. El Salvador @ Crew Stadium (CONCACAF Gold Cup)
28. 7/25/09 — Toronto FC @ Columbus Crew
29. 8/8/09 — Buffalo Bisons @ Columbus Clippers
30. 8/18/09 — Puerto Rico Islanders @ Columbus Crew (CONCACAF Champions League)
31. 9/13/09 — Columbus Blue Jackets Training Camp
32. 9/13/09 — Houston Dynamo @ Columbus Crew
33. 9/26/09 — LA Galaxy @ Columbus Crew
34. 9/29/09 — Saprissa @ Columbus Crew (CONCACAF Champions League)
35. 10/3/09 — Seattle Sounders @ Columbus Crew
36. 10/4/09 — Western Ontario Mustangs @ OSU Buckeyes (men’s hockey)
37. 10/9/09 — St. Lawrence Saints vs UMass-Lowell Riverhawks @ Qwest Center Omaha (men’s hockey — Ice Breaker Tournament)
38. 10/9/09 — Army Black Knights vs Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks @ Qwest Center Omaha (men’s hockey — Ice Breaker Tournament)
39. 10/10/09 — St. Lawrence Saints vs Army Black Knights @ Qwest Center Omaha (men’s hockey — Ice Breaker Tournament)
40. 10/13/09 — Calgary Flames @ Columbus Blue Jackets
41. 10/17/09 — LA Kings @ Columbus Blue Jackets
42. 10/25/09 — New England Revolution @ Columbus Crew
43. 10/30/09 — Pittsburgh Penguins @ Columbus Blue Jackets
44. 11/5/09 — Real Salt Lake @ Columbus Crew (MLS Conference Semi-final)
45. 11/7/09 — Carolina Hurricanes @ Columbus Blue Jackets
46. 11/11/09 — Detroit Red Wings @ Columbus Blue Jackets (left after most of two periods)
47. 11/14/09 — Western Michigan Broncos @ Ohio State Buckeyes (men’s hockey)
48. 11/20/09 — St. Lawrence Saints @ Ohio State Buckeyes (women’s hockey)
49. 11/21/09 — St. Lawrence Saints @ Ohio State Buckeyes (women’s hockey)
50. 12/3/09 — Toronto Maple Leafs @ Columbus Blue Jackets
51. 12/4/09 — Michigan Wolverines @ Ohio State Buckeyes (men’s hockey)
52. 12/5/09 — Colorado Avalanche @ Columbus Blue Jackets
53. 12/12/09 — Anaheim Ducks @ Columbus Blue Jackets
54. 12/31/09 — Nashville Predators @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Of all those, the most memorable was definitely the April 23 Jackets-Wings playoff game. The farthest I traveled was to the college tournament in Omaha.

I’m guessing I don’t make 50 in 2010…it’s another important election year at work, which means October and the beginning of November will be shot. But we’ll see where it ends up in a year’s time.

Taking a brief break

Yeah, the Jackets played the other night (and lost at the last minute to the Wild). The game was not on TV, due to Versus’ exclusivity agreement with the league for Tuesday night games. Many people were outraged, although Canadian fans have had to deal with this for years on Saturday nights (a much busier night on the NHL schedule) due to the HNIC deal. Just ask any Sens fan…

But I digress. Seeing as how the results have been a real bring-down of late, I decided a non-TV game would be a good chance to take a break. And since tonight’s home game conflicts with my work holiday dinner, I’m missing another one.

I’ll be back to regular blogging next week when the Jackets go on the road, and I’ll be at the game December 28 against Detroit, so it’s not a long-term hiatus. Just a chance to catch my breath and regain a little sense of perspective that the world doesn’t stop turning because the Jackets are sucking out loud.

‘Til next week…

A post of blinding insight and incredible creativity…

…about the CBJ-Preds game the other night.

No, actually it’s not. Just an in-joke.

I didn’t even see most of the game, since I was in Newark for work. Got home in time to catch the third period and OT/SO.

Lost again in Nashville. Lather, rinse, repeat. At least they got the loser point.

Beat Anaheim tonight!