Jackets sign Huselius

This takes away a bit of the sting of the Zherdev/Fritsche trade. He’s put up decent numbers in Calgary in the past couple of seasons, so he should effectively fill Zherdev’s offensive spot. Of course, even with Zherdev the Jackets still needed an offensive upgrade, so I hope Howson’s got another rabbit in his hat…


2 responses to “Jackets sign Huselius

  1. Sarah, it does take some of the sting away, but then I remember that Huselius didn’t get along with Mike Keenan in Florida, so he was traded to Calgary. But then Mike got fired and landed in Calgary, where he once again found Huselius playing and not to his liking.

    Mike Keenan is not Ken Hitchcock, but he is not much different, either. So is Huselius going to find religion here and play some both ends of the ice, or is he going to irritate another coach?

    So the team has gotten some of the goal numbers back with this signing, but like you, I am still not convinced that the team is better. I still fear that Zherdev is another Alexi Kovalev and will blossom in New York.

  2. I was hoping that Huselius might find his way in Rangers blue, it’s not looking like Jagr is coming back.

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